Super Saiyan Blue Hanku Animated Spinner (Please Read Description Before Buying)

Super Saiyan Blue Hanku Animated Spinner (Please Read Description Before Buying)

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There are 2 styles to choose from: Acrylic or Metal and Plastic.


Colors may vary slightly due to variations amongst computer monitors. Computer monitors are not calibrated equally so we cannot guarantee a precise match in what you see on your device and what you receive on your spinner


I partnered with @apyrodesign to bring you guys these awesome spinners!

To see his full collection of available spinners:



3d printer plastic, Printed polystyrene


Please note that as there are highly customized, and difficult to manufacture that initial fulfillments will take a bit longer than normal to complete. Please review fulfillment processing times before ordering. We apologize for the delay in shipping and thank you for your understanding,

Animation works only when filmed, it will not animate to the naked eye. For a full tutorial on how to make your spinner animate check this video out!

All of these spinners come ready to enjoy. No additional pieces or parts needed!

***Disclaimer Instructions***

Step 1. Go outside into bright sunlight.

Step 2. Open up your favorite social media app.

Step 3: Spin your spinner

Step 4: Press record

Step 5: Post and collect all the likes




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