Spikeusaur Card Lumbar Throw Pillow

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Spikeusaur, I choose YOU!!

Are you bored with all the plain pillows that you have on your couch and bed? Wouldn't it be great to find a pillow that is fun and eye-catching? Well, my friend, you just found that pillow! 

The Simple Solution To Brighten Up Your Couch and Bedroom

Introducing, the Spikeusaur Card Printed Lumbar Throw Pillow. If you are a fan of The Land Before Time and also love to admire the attributes of your Pokémon cards then this is the ultimate pillow for you. 

You will want to lay on this every second of everyday and you might even share it with your pets! 


  • Brighten Up Your Life - The Spikeusaur Card Printed Lumbar Throw Pillow is bound to attract the eyes of your guests. Watch as they double and triple take to see what they just looked at before jumping onto your couch and grabbing it up to check the specs.
  • Nostalgia Galore - This pillow will make you feel like when you opened your first pack of cards and pulled out that shiny holographic card 
  • Conversation Starter -  Picture this: You make your bed all nice and then add the final touch, this pillow. Your dog (imaginary or real) runs and jumps onto your bed and starts barking like crazy and hopping and spinning around which translates to "OOOH MAN! I LOVE THAT I LOVE THAT! THAT'S SO COOL!"


  • 100% Spun-Polyester cover
  • Mildew and Water-Resistant
  • 100% Polyester removable insert
  • Stuffing pillow included
  • Concealed zipper


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